Product Description:

Protector of Women & Mistress of The Wild, Artemis Brands brings you Sundara Oil! Designed by Wise Women to enhance intimacy and deepen orgasmic pleasure, Sundara Oil is heart-expanding sex medicine. Awaken your desire and slide into deeper sensation by anointing the vagina, labia (or any other part of your erogenous playground). Sundara works systemically to increase circulation to the vaginal area as it warms and increases sensitivity. Deliciously-scented, Sundara is a multi-purpose topical and food-grade tincture, suitable for all manner of spicy play! Slip into something a little more comfortable – nurturing cannabis oil infuses this lube so vaginal dryness and/or pain is eased. Sundara is a safe, healing and luxurious THC personal lubricant, intensifying response and easing the discomfort we sometimes feel on our sexual journeys. Sundara Oil invites sexual energy and sparks the joy of shared pleasure!

Read the review of original-formula Sundara Oil, launched in 2018. Originally published September 26th on the Bloom City Club Website!

Can THC and CBD enhance sexual pleasure?  Oh yes! Yes, yes, yes! Sundara Lubricant is something to get excited about.  Sundara was developed with the goal of enhancing intimacy, increasing sensation, and intensifying orgasmic response.  Sundara is a coconut oil-based natural product infused with THC, CBD, and essential oils selected for their calming and regenerative properties.

How does it work?  Sundara works both systemically and vaginally.  The vagina contains cannabinoid receptors that the THC readily binds to when absorbed through the mucous membranes. The THC acts as a vasodilator, opening capillaries and increasing blood flow for enhanced sensitivity.  The THC and CBD also provide analgesic relief to ease pain caused by penetration.

Listen to what Bloom Patients are saying about Sundara!

“Sundara is the best personal lubricant I’ve ever used.  The texture is perfect and slippery. It smells lovely, but not overpowering.  I used it about 20 minutes prior to sexual activity. I could feel a lot of increased sensation and it really helped me to relax inside and out so I could focus on getting loved on!”

“The scent is great.  The effects are long-lasting and warming!”

“I was looking for the most powerful topical I could find for general massage.  The Sundara oil turned out to work perfectly for my ankle injury and a little goes a long way!”

Whether you’re interested in adding some spice to your intimate relationship or just want a powerfully effective, pain-relieving topical, Sundara is a great multi-purpose formula.

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