High Times Cannabis Cup Clio, MI 2019

T.H.Creatrix© Cannascribes, Cannabrands, Cannablogs, and Cannaposts to take your cannabis company to a higher level of customer connectivity, embracing and celebrating cannabis and the rich culture it inspires. I kinda canna do it all!

Purplephraze creates content and branding for print media, websites, brochures, packaging, social media, and blogs to inspire and engage, while creating a voice for your unique brand! T.H.Creatrix builds your brand by maintaining a consistent recognizable voice that can be heard Loud & Clear over the buzz of conventional corporate marketing!

T.H.Creatrix understands the mercurial nature of an industry beset by changing rules and regulations as they pertain to the Medical Marijuana and Adult-Use market in Michigan and other states. Maintain an exciting social media presence, while keeping in full compliance with the changing rules and regulations of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Invoking the Goddess Cannubis© and asking for her heart & soul expanding offerings!